How to Keep Your Medical Office Clean Between Professional Cleanings

When it comes to a medical office, sterile environments are not only good business but a medical and public health necessity. A clean office both gives prospective patients the right impression and is essential for your staff. It is critical to keep germs at bay. How many people complain that they dislike visiting doctors and hospitals because it always makes them sick? While hiring a professional service for medical office cleaning is key, they cannot monitor for infectious diseases like your staff can. Below you will discover some important steps your staff can take between every medical office cleaning to ensure it is a clean environment.

Handle Biohazards Correctly

It is key to use specified containers for biohazardous waste. Remember to disinfect any surfaces that come in contact with biohazards immediately following exposure. Always place used gloves in these containers.  

Wash Hands Regularly

Between patient visits, it is key that doctors wash their hands to avoid spreading germs and bacteria from patient to patient.

Take Out The Trash Yourself

Do not let your trash pile up, anticipating that your cleaning company will take care of it for you. If it piles up between visits from the professionals, it is very important that all trash is removed from the premises.

Don’t Let Restrooms Go

While a professional company will do a deep clean of your bathrooms, it is important that you do your part for upkeep between visits. Check both employee and public restrooms. Be sure to add a disinfectant germicidal solution to the toilet bowls during the day. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. Take a look at the bathrooms regularly and replace toilet paper as needed.

Address Spills Immediately

Whenever a spill occurs, be sure that it is cleaned up in a timely fashion. Waiting for a cleaning company to address day to day spills is not only unsanitary, but can potentially cause injury. Use the correct cleaning substances and never let spills sit for long.  

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