Office Deep Cleaning

Office Deep Cleanings – How Important Are They?

Regular office deep cleanings are sometimes overlooked as necessary.  However, they are important, just as regular spring cleanings are to the homes we live in!  Employees spend much time in their offices.  Would we not want them to be regularly deep cleaned?  Offices and work places are shared spaces.  Germs have easy transfer opportunity from space to space and person to person.  Thus, the standard cleaning rotation is likely not enough to truly keep your office clean.  Do regular house cleanings take the place of spring cleanings?  No indeed.

Office Deep Cleanings – Top Down!

Office deep cleaning should utilize a top-down cleaning approach.  Your cleaning company should recommend starting high, even via ladder work, and ending with floor cleaning.  For example, start with dusting, wiping, and/or vacuuming light fixtures, ceiling corners & edges, fans, and the like.  Next, mid-level dusting and damp wiping should take places such as walls, wall art, signs, sconces, etc.

Next, touch points and horizontal surfaces should be cleaned.  A sanitizer or disinfectant should be considered.  Thorough damp wiping of desks, tables, hard surface furniture, and the like should take place methodically.  Having staff remove all personal items from desks and shelves will allow for the best cleaning possible.  Don’t forget washing window blinds, shades, and partition glass as a part of the deep cleaning program.  Further, sanitizing high touch point devices such as phones, keyboards and mice should occur.

Kitchenettes and bathrooms should also be completely deep cleaned utilizing a top down approach.  Your cleaning company should have trained staff to understand how to avoid cross-contamination and utilize the proper cleaning supplies.  For your kitchenettes, a food preparation safe disinfectant should be used on cabinet fronts, handles, microwaves, countertops, sinks, eating tables, and so forth.

Finally, once all high and mid-level cleaning is complete, floor work can commence.  Carpets should receive regular professional cleaning via steam extraction or other industry approved methods.  Floors should be thoroughly dust mopped and/or vacuumed and mopped.  Also, a floor disinfectant can also be utilized given the environment.

How Often Should Office Deep Cleanings Occur?

How often should your office be deep cleaned?  Monthly? Quarterly? Annually?  The answer is as regular as your business calls for!  Here are factors that can contribute to how often an office building, office suite, or even small office should be top-down deep cleaned:

  • Foot Traffic:  How many employees work in the office?  How many visitors do you have each day?  More employees and/or more visitors can warrant more regular deep cleanings.
  • Type Of Business:  Are you a small business office with little to no visitor traffic?  Conversely, are you a large medical office with a heavy rotation of sick patients entering and exiting?  Again, the latter would require a larger quantity of deep cleanings.
  • Seasons:  Cold and flu season can spawn the need for additional sanitizing cleans.  Also, winter season with rain, snow, and muddy foot traffic can certainly generate the need for extra cleaning.

Thus, how often truly depends on a combination of factors.  Many offices and business spaces choose to have their offices deep cleaned on a quarterly or possibly semi-annual basis.  Furthermore, some high traffic medical offices might have their buildings deep cleaned on a monthly basis.  Your professional cleaning company can offer guidance for your particular scenario.

Foreman Pro Cleaning – Office Deep Cleaning Specialists!

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