outcome of janitorial tips for an exceptionally clean Urgent Care Facility

Urgent Care Cleaning Tips

Are you in need of Urgent Care Cleaning tips? Cleaning an Urgent Care center requires a consistent approach.  Cleaning techniques with healthfulness at the forefront is critical.  The very nature of high volume foot traffic is a consideration.  Furthermore, sick patients translate to more complexity.  When patients enter, they should observe a clean space.  Sanitized bathrooms are a must. Clean treatment rooms are non-optional. The list goes on!

Urgent Care cleaning is a weighty responsibility.  A clean space is a healthier space.  Of course, a healthy space is important not just for patients, but also staff and visitors.  If you manage an Urgent Care center, this article will offer tips on what you might expect from your cleaning company.

Keep It Customized

Every Urgent Care center is different.  Location, types of patient traffic, size, and more should dictate your cleaning program.  Your cleaning company should listen intently to your exact requirements.  Also, they should consult based upon first hand experience.  As you build your cleaning program with your janitorial company, consider these Urgent Care Cleaning tips and decision points:

  • Review patient traffic, hours of operation, and size of your Urgent Care building to determine cleaning shift quantity.
  • Touch points should be disinfected during each cleaning.
  • Ensure floor cleaning includes an appropriate disinfectant solution.
  • Discuss whether terminal cleanings should be handled by clinic staff or the janitorial provider.
  • Do your bathrooms require cleaning more than once in a business day?  Furthermore, what happens for clean emergencies?
  • Is the cleaning company staff trained and certified in bloodborne pathogen safety?
  • Remember that entrance glass and internal partition glass cleanliness has an immediate impact on clean perception.
  • Does your cleaning company provide only standard janitorial services?  Or, can they also deliver your window cleaning, floor maintenance, and carpet cleaning needs?  Furthermore, can this be built for you in a single contract program?

Finally, be sure to relay previous experiences with your janitorial provider.  What facets of your cleaning program has worked well in the past?  What areas for improvement have you noted?  How poised is the cleaning company to modify your custom cleaning program when needed?  What level of experience does the cleaning company have in a Medical Office environment?

Keys To Successful Communication

Vendor communication, regardless of industry is vital to success.  Within the janitorial industry, how and when communication occurs is often the balance of average customer service versus great customer service.  Additionally, for medical office environments, it can be the key to excellence in healthfulness, safety, and emergency response.  Consider these Urgent Care cleaning tips as it relates to responsive communication:

  • Always ensure a primary and secondary contact both for your Urgent Care center and with the janitorial provider.
  • What is the definition of an emergency issue?  What is the expected response time for an urgent issue?
  • Formally, how should you initiate communication?  E-mail?  Client portal?  Direct call?  Text?
  • Is it your expectation that any of your staff members have the ability to engage your cleaning company?
  • How often should you have formal walk-through’s and conversations?  Also, who should be present?

These Urgent Care Cleaning tips should offer a strong foundation for ensuring your center stays consistently clean.  The relationship you build and maintain with your janitorial provider is of the utmost importance!

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