How Often Should I Have My Office Cleaned?

A common office cleaning question is how frequent you should have your office cleaned. There are many factors involved in finding the correct answer to that question. Different sizes and spaces require different amounts of cleaning care. The type of business may require high frequency of cleaning as well. Read on to find out how often you should have your office cleaned.

Daily Cleaning

Regardless of how big or small your office is, you should have your bathroom cleaned daily. Many employees and clients use the restroom frequently, so it should be clean to make a good impression on them. Bathrooms can get dirty very easily, so it is best to get professional help every day.

Office Building Size

The bigger the office space, the more there is to clean up. A large office space would typically have more employees and more spaces that will collect dust and germs. These types of offices require more attention to detail and frequent cleaning to prevent health risks. Higher foot traffic causes carpets and any other types of floors to dirty quickly.

Type of Business

The industry of your business is a huge factor on how often you should have your office cleaned. Some businesses require more cleaning and sanitation than others. Places such as medical offices are going to require thorough daily cleanings. There are hygiene requirements to keep a medical business running. Hospitals are supposed to be kept clean to ensure safety of patients and medical procedures.

Office Layout

The office building layout is also a determining influence in deciding a cleaning schedule. An office building with many windows needs much cleaning. It is recommended that windows should be cleaned weekly, but if it is a car showroom, then you may want to have them cleaned daily to provide a nice look.

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