Best Practices for Keeping Your Data Center Clean

When it comes to keeping your data center clean, there are definitely best practices for contamination control. As components get smaller and smaller in size, they also become more likely to experience failures caused by contamination. Contamination and the problems it causes can cost you time, money, and potentially even irreplaceable data. Follow these handy best practices guidelines for keeping your data center clean in order to ensure everything continues to run as smoothly as possible.

Computer Room Protocols Are Key

Making sure these rules are followed will help to protect your data center from unwanted contaminants and the damage they can do. Every employee should be aware of these rules and follow them strictly for the good of your data center.

  • No beverages or food in the computer room
  • Unpacking and uncrating equipment inside the computer room is prohibited
  • Do not store anything, such as cardboard, paper products within the computer room
  • Never prop open doors that lead to non-computer room areas
  • All work must be reviewed for potential environmental impact and the contamination threat it poses before being allowed to occur in the computer room

Limit Access

In addition to posing a security threat to your data center, limiting the people allowed in will do wonders for its overall cleanliness. People are large causes of contamination. Our clothing fibers, dead skin, hair, and the dirt on our shoes can do damage to sensitive technology when left unchecked.

Keeping Your Data Center Clean With A Disciplined Cleaning Program

Regular professional cleaning is key when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your data center. Professionals will:

  • Clean floors regularly, both surfaces and underfloor plenum
  • Clean environmental surfaces and equipment
  • Keep a consistent cleaning schedule
  • Can be increased and decreased at your discretion, depending upon need


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