The Basics of Medical Facility Cleaning

Medical facility cleaning is vitally important. This truth becomes especially important between the times when professional cleaners can come in. While in a healthcare facility of some sort, millions of people regularly fall ill because they are improperly sanitized or otherwise cleaned. In this blog we’ll review the basics of medical facility cleaning.

Proper Medical Facility Cleaning

At its most basic level, medical facility cleaning isn’t much different than cleaning up around the house. There the usual tasks such as taking out the trash, cleaning the floor, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms. And then come the more difficult, higher level tasks. These include ensuring that risky environments in the facility are paid much more careful attention to; these risky environments are predominantly where bloodborne pathogens can lurk.

What Does This Entail?

Microfiber cleaning rags must be color coded to keep them organized to different surfaces. Preventing cross-contamination is a major part of proper medical facility cleaning. In order to do this, other tasks involve going beyond the basic cleaning efforts. Dusting must be done both high and low. Walls and doors must be cleaned of any spots that have developed. Chairs should also be vacuumed and the floor underneath desks need to be cleaned as well. Remember those high-risk areas mentioned earlier? These areas where the dreaded bloodborne pathogens are most likely to be are exam rooms and operating rooms. These rooms should be handled with the most stringent attention.

Cleaning the Front Office and the Doctor’s Personal Office

An often overlooked aspect of medical facility cleaning is the front office and lobby area. Also overlooked is where doctors themselves keep their office. Even though doctors wash their hands often, every precaution that can be taken should be. Germ overlap between office surfaces such as cabinet drawers and desk phones and sick users or patients is entirely possible and even likely. Overall, the office areas should receive the same level of thorough cleaning that other parts of the medical facility do.



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