The 4 C’s of a Great Professional Cleaning Service

When it comes to your professional cleaning service, or really any service you seek, there are particular expectations that most people have. Say, for example, an auto mechanic. You expect that you can trust them to do their job efficiently and effectively, you expect them to be honest with you about what they’re doing and how they’re charging you, you expect that you’re getting what you pay for, and you expect your car to be fixed to the same standards every time. Right? Well, those are the 4 C’s that we’re talking about! Confused? (That isn’t one of the 4 C’s.) Let us explain.


Let’s start with confidence. Just like you expect your auto mechanic to, y’know, know how to fix a car better than you can — you should be able to trust your cleaning service to clean your office or retail space better than you can. That’s why we have our 100% satisfaction guarantee; you know you’ll be totally satisfied with every job we do.


If your car was making a weird grinding noise before you took it to the shop, and it comes back silent but also smelling a bit like lasagna, you’d (rightfully) be pretty confused. With Foreman Pro, we’ll establish an effective line of communication so that you know what we’re doing, and so that we have a full understand of your expectations of us. Communication is a two-way street, and don’t ever be afraid to ask us any questions!


Auto mechanics are pretty notorious for charging an arm and a leg, and that’s because many people simply don’t know how to fix their own cars. Instead, when you pick a cleaning company, understand that you’re getting exactly what you pay for, and that that price is fair and reasonable. At Foreman Pro, you’re paying for a top-notch cleaning service, and did we mention our satisfaction guarantee?


It comes right on back to that guarantee, doesn’t it? Well with Foreman Pro, you’re sure to get the same high-quality professional cleaning service each and every time, thanks to our process-oriented techniques. For each space we clean, we develop a plan of attack and stick to it every time we come back. That way we leave no stone unturned and no surface un-sanitized.

Have our 4 C’s piqued your interest? Give us a shout. We’d love to get started with you.


Foreman Pro Cleaning provides Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas with professional commercial cleaning services they can trust to be green and to be highly effective. With 25 years of professional cleaning experience, the Foreman family created this family owned and operated business to provide you with commercial cleaning services that are sure to exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of having a clean and healthy work space, which is why our staff is thoroughly trained to provide services that are meticulous and pristine.

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