The Importance of Keeping a Raised Floor Clean

The Importance of Keeping a Raised Floor Clean

Maintaining raised floors is crucial, especially in the face of technological and cleaning changes. As the equipment improves, our standards of ensuring that raised floors are clean and maintained increase. Most tasks help keep the floor system working and keep the environment clean. However, we sometimes don’t realize the importance of keeping a raised floor clean. Here’s more information on why we need to start caring about the importance of keeping a raised floor clean.

Why It’s Important To Maintain Raised Floors

We must keep the raised floors and everything underneath clean of debris and dust through regular maintenance. Without maintenance, some of the following may occur and ruin your structure.

  • Decreased static dissipation due to wax build-up
  • Dust and dirt can harm sensitive equipment
  • The underfloor air system traps dust and harms equipment

Taking Care of Raised Floor Tiles

When caring for raised floors, you must replace broken edges on the tiles and change tiles that no longer have laminate. If you want to replace a defective part, contact a computer flooring company to send you new parts.

Never apply wax to your tiles, as this causes floors to age rapidly and causes a system’s lifespan to weaken. Additionally, any wax you place becomes difficult to remove. Since the wax damages the tiles, you’ll need to replace the entire system.

Clean Under the Floors

If the subfloor isn’t well-maintained, your raised floor system will likely suffer issues caused by negligence. As subfloors go untouched for a time, the structure becomes damaged, leading to blocked cooling fans and fire hazards from formed equipment particles.

Cleaning underneath the raised floors isn’t fun, but it’s necessary to improve the floor system. Nevertheless, cleaning under the floors poses a challenge, as you can only remove two tiles at a time. When cleaning, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. The filter can prevent dirt from blowing back into the room.

Maintaining the Structure

The importance of keeping a raised floor clean doesn’t stop at the subfloors. Another area to focus on is the structure. When maintaining the system, inspect it once a year by a certified raised floor technician. Additionally, rotating the tiles twice a year can help save them from the impact of foot traffic.

As you prepare to maintain the floor system, it’s vital to have a raised floor cleaning service come out once a year to clean the area. Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC can do that by cleaning every area and ensuring the system’s longevity.

Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC is a top choice for your raised floor cleaning needs, as well as data center cleaning. We specialize in many services and can inspect every area from top to bottom. Contact Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC at 888-360-1608 or click here for more information on our raised floor cleaning services.

We look forward to improving the appearance of your office and sanitizing all parts of the business using appropriate cleaning methods.