5 Tips to Ensure a Clean Work Environment this Winter

5 Tips to Ensure a Clean Work Environment this Winter

It’s difficult enough to control the elements outside, but they can also be troublesome inside. Slush and rock salt can get carried into the building as people enter, and the floors can get slippery. These things don’t have to be a consistent problem around the office. Here’s a guide to our five most essential tips to ensure a clean work environment this winter.

Keep Rock Salt Outside

It’s common to have rock salt for snow and ice outside. Unfortunately, both customers and workers alike track mud, salt, and other contaminants into the space, leading to unpleasant consequences. Rock salt is suitable for outside, but it can wreak havoc for raised floors and additional equipment.

To prevent rock salt from getting into your data center and damaging equipment or staining carpets and rugs, use a salt remover on your floors. This helps keep your facility clean during the winter. Even if you don’t have a salt remover, hire a professional commercial cleaning service for daily tasks you cannot get to right away such as buffing and washing floors.

Prevent Slippery Entryways

As workers and guests come into the building, they often leave a trail from the door to the waiting room. Unfortunately, this trail ends up collecting near the entryway, which creates opportunities for accidents to happen. Although workers and guests stomp the water off their shoes near the door, this can also cause problems.

Avoid slipping by placing heavy-duty rugs near entrances and exits. They will absorb all the water and mud that gets tracked inside. Also, in the case of areas that always get wet, put down wet floor signs to act as warnings.

Clear Out Airborne Pathogens

Airborne pathogens are a menace in the winter. Pathogens typically accumulate when there are large numbers of people in a building, leading to illness. However, they’re easy to get rid of in the office.

To reduce the dust accumulation around the office, bring in a cleaning company like Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC. We can wipe down all areas and surfaces, removing dust particles that cause ailments. We use the best equipment to clear the office of dirt, grime, and germs.

Bring in the Sun

Everyone needs sunlight, and it’s also important to let it in at the office. However, as the sun shines, you might notice stains and streaks on the windows. To get rid of them, hire a company that can do fast and easy window cleaning. Make sure they follow the standard health codes and guidelines.

Go With Green Methods

When you’re cleaning your office this winter, use green products. Green products don’t require much water and don’t have harsh chemicals so you won’t have to worry about volatile organic compounds.

Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC, offers proper cleaning techniques for businesses. Contact Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC for more information on cleaning services for your office space this winter at 888-360-1608, or contact us here.