Supplies in Janitors Closet

3 Things You Don’t Want In Your Janitor’s Closet

What’s inside your janitor’s closet? Even though the job of janitorial work has improved by leaps and bounds, there are still bad habits that abound. In this blog, we’ll break down what shouldn’t be in your janitor’s closet. And if you’re looking for a new janitorial service or a commercial cleaning service for that matter, we here at Foreman Pro Cleaning are ready and waiting!

What Could Be Behind the Door of Your Janitor’s Closet?

  1. An old string mop: The string mop is an iconic janitor’s tool. But there is a reason for that. Even though they are iconic, they are now outdated. Not only can an old string mop easily become disgusting, but if left alone, it can make the entire closet smell terrible. They are also constantly transferred between dirty water and the floor.

Since this is the case, they are prime breeding grounds for all sorts of germs. In fact, string mops tend to spread around grime such as dirt and debris because of the infrequency with which they are replaced. The same mop head is often used for both kitchens and bathrooms, making it doubly difficult to sanitize completely in between uses.

2. A dirty mop bucket: A dirty mop bucket is an old string mop’s constant companion. As with its partner, the dirty mop bucket is another icon of the janitor’s closet. Sure, it’ll be filled with clean water — that is until it is used for the first time. Then, the dirty water gets spread around, instead of clean water.

3. Overused old cotton rags: Old cotton rags, shredded t-shirts, and pieces of old towels are usual solutions for cleaning rags. But they tend to spread more germs than eliminate them. Here’s a good question: Which rags were used to clean the toilets, and which ones were used to clean the tables? If you can’t tell, chances are your janitor can’t either.


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