What Are Some Data Center Cleaning Tips?

Keeping your data center clean is just as important as keeping your overall work environment clean. In this blog, we’ll highlight some useful tips keeping a data center clean. These data center cleaning tips should help you maximize efficiency by energizing your workforce and keeping your equipment in prime condition. Read on to learn more about how to do this!

General Data Center Cleaning Tips to Keep in Mind

Following these tips will help make your life easier! What are some general tips to keep in mind?

  • Clean the floors every quarter, or whenever possible, more often than every three months.
  • Clean the surfaces of your equipment every quarter as well. Again, if you can clean them more frequently, then that is all to the good.
  • Clean the sub-floor plenum (below the main floors) once per year. Of course, the more you clean them, the better.

Remember, if there has been recent construction or renovation, the environment inside the data center will be filthier than normal. Sensitive computer and IT equipment thrives best inside clean rooms and cleaner environments in general.

Data Center Cleaning Tips for In-House Cleaners

When you have an in-house cleaning crew, be sure to have these tips and pointers posted as reminders as well!

  • Sweeping will only spread dust particles around. Not only will they fly around in the air, dust particles can also be pushed into harder to reach crevices, such as cracks in the floor panels and cutouts for cables to run in and out.
  • Dry mops and vacuums work better to collect dust particle instead.
  • Remember to have a HEPA filtering system in your vacuum.
  • Whatever cleaning chemicals you use, be sure they are approved for safe use in a data center setting.

Data Center Cleaning Tips for Outsourced Cleaners

Before hiring any outsourced cleaners, be sure to follow these steps first:

  • Check the references of prospective hires.
  • Have background checks performed.
  • Frequently check on the work in progress and see how it is coming along.


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