How Day Porters and Janitors are Different

How Day Porters and Janitors are Different

Commercial buildings often use porters and janitors interchangeably. However, companies that offer custodial services to businesses know the difference between the two roles, and they’re happy to explain how day porters and janitors are different. Here is an explanation of how both services differentiate.

A Day Porter Service

A day porter service is something we can compare to a brand ambassador for a company; they ensure all building areas get maintained well. A typical workday for a porter depends on their weekly task list. When a day porter service gets hired to clean a business, they’re expected to represent the company’s best cleaning practices, policies, and values. The day porter service faces the company’s key stakeholders, and they reflect their core values as a cleaning service.

How Janitors Differ From Porter Services

Although a janitor and a porter service tend to have similar tasks throughout the day, the custodian ends up being in charge of sanitation and maintenance of work areas. For example, whereas a porter service restocks bathroom supplies and organizes the kitchen, the janitor wipes down and deep cleans areas when there’s less foot traffic and in between shifts. All in all, a porter service focuses on keeping things organized, and the janitor deep cleans various areas.

A custodian often gets equipped with handling gear such as a vacuum, buffer, sidewalk sweeper, and carpet cleaner. Additionally, custodians with handyman skills can help fix any repairs in the facility and complete minimal painting projects. All in all, this is how day porters and janitors are different.

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Why You Need Day Porter Services

Having day porter services is helpful in many ways. When you request a porter service for your business, you can customize the service to your liking, and you can choose how often you’d like the service to come in and help with keeping things neat. Additional benefits include:

  • Day porter services have more cleaning advantages than janitors, such as having the ability to complete daily tasks that janitors can’t get to right away.
  • Day porter services help lift the office building’s appearance by cleaning and disinfecting common areas with light to medium foot traffic.
  • Employee satisfaction improves more when you have an external service help sanitize the building and complete tasks during the workday or during a period where the entire building is closed.

No matter what service type you’re considering, our day porter services at Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC in Annapolis can help you complete every task on your janitor’s to-do list. Alongside janitorial duties, we will ensure every spot is sanitized and neat before you start work the following day. From commercial carpet cleaning to server room cleaning, we’ve got you covered.

Whether during working hours or the weekend, Foreman Pro LLC is here to help with any questions you might have about day porter services or further clarification on the difference between a janitor or day porter service. For more information, reach out to Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC by using our contact form or calling us at 888-360-1608.