The Differences Between Deep Cleaning and Standard Cleaning

The Differences Between Deep Cleaning and Standard Cleaning

Before you call a cleaning company to request a cleaning service, you need to know the differences between deep cleaning and standard cleaning, as they aren’t exactly alike. To help you understand both, a good company can help break down the basics between both kinds of maintenance by providing you with a service menu to browse through. Before you contact a cleaning company, read on to find out the differences between deep cleaning and standard cleaning.

What Makes Standard Cleaning Different

Once you request a service and choose a regular cleaning, the service you receive consists of simple cleaning tasks that you can complete weekly. Typically, standard cleaning services cost less, but routine cleaning focuses on maintaining your office layout or school building and is based on a schedule. The schedule varies depending on your needs. For example, a school building might only need cleaning once every two weeks or months.

What’s Included in a Standard Cleaning?

Standard cleaning ranges based on needs and schedule availability. However, deep cleaning and standard are relatively similar. Although they’re not identical, standard cleaning doesn’t leave out essential tasks. The main difference is that one does a more detailed and extreme job than the other.

Some of the things a standard cleaning includes are:

  • Wiping down surfaces of dust—this includes any lighting fixtures, windows, and appliances.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, office spaces, classrooms, and more.
  • Removing unwanted bacteria from surfaces prone to moisture buildup.

What Makes Deep Cleaning Different?

Deep cleaning applies more attention to detail than standard cleaning. During a deep cleaning, cleaners will complete a more extensive list of tasks done to a commercial building or school to help keep the environment clean for workers and students. While doing a deep clean, we focus on wiping over everything twice and ensuring everything within walking and hand-grabbing distance gets sanitized. Be aware that deep cleanings cost more, but they also pay more attention to detail when cleaning compared to standard cleaning procedures.

When Should You Deep Clean?

Every situation is unique, and the best time to perform a deep cleaning job is when a new season starts. We recommend doing a deep clean once every six months to a year. If you’re planning on selling or reconstructing your business, it’s also a good idea to request a white glove cleaning service provider that can help your cleaning process improve and get done faster.

Which Service Is Right for You?

This question is one we get all the time at Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC. The best way to know which service is right for you is to sort out all of your needs. That way, you know what you want out of a cleaning service provider. If you’re eager to get started, reach out for a standard rate on deep cleaning from Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC.

For more information on the variation between deep cleaning and typical cleaning services, call Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC at 888-360-1608 or click here. We’ll further explain the differences between a standard cleaning and a deep cleaning service.