Tomorrow is Earth Day! Do You Use a Green Cleaner?

In the past decades, professional cleaners have been tasked with becoming more environmentally conscious and to consider changing some of the things we use and how we use them for the protection of future generations. At Foreman Pro Cleaning, we have long been on the vanguard of environmental safety. We know that eco-friendly products work and we know that they don’t have to be incredibly expensive. We provide not only the best cleaning services around, we do it while remaining conscious of the environment.

Why Go Green? Does it Really Make a Difference?

Going green makes a HUGE difference. There are many reasons to shift to an eco-friendly paradigm, as Foreman Pro Cleaning has done for years.

Green cleaning is the right thing to do. Our federal government and many state and local governments have already endorsed a push toward environmentally friendly cleaning products and are including eco-friendly criteria for purchasing cleaning products in their RFPs. So have several major hotel chains that depend largely on the aesthetics of presentation.

Eco-friendly cleaning helps preserve employee health. Janitorial and cleaning crew complaints of nausea, headaches, eye troubles, or skin maladies are often a result of long hours spent with toxic chemicals. Illnesses and injuries resulting from performing various housekeeping tasks ranks quite high with other loss control concerns. To put this risk into perspective, the U.S. Department of Labor ranks hazardous cleaning chemicals among the top hazards of the janitorial industry and estimate that 6 percent of custodians will be injured in 2008 by the commercial cleaning products they use; 20 percent of these injuries will be serious chemical burns to eyes and skin.

The purpose of using cleaning products is to make something clean, not caustic, corrosive, contaminated, and costly. There is no conflict between the act of cleaning and preventing harm to people and the environment. According to some government estimates, more than one-third of the cleaning products used today to clean offices, hospitals, stores, and restaurants contain ingredients that can have a negative impact on public health and the environment. Some of the harmful ingredients include carcinogens; endocrine disrupters which can alter human hormones; chemical sensitizers and allergens; skin, eye, and respiratory irritants; and compounds that are toxic to aquatic and wildlife ecosystems. Using environmentally preferable cleaning products can yield a 40 percent reduction in hazardous materials.

When You’re Ready to Go Green, Foreman Pro Cleaning Has What You Need

Foreman Pro Cleaning provides Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas with professional commercial cleaning services they can trust to be green and to be highly effective. With 25 years of professional cleaning experience, the Foreman family created this family owned and operated business to provide you with commercial cleaning services that are sure to exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of having a clean and healthy work space, which is why our staff is thoroughly trained to provide services that are meticulous and pristine.

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