The Places in Your Office That Could Most Use a Professional Office Cleaning

professional office cleaning
Stand back, office germs, Foreman Pro is here to save the day.

The importance of keeping your office clean is no secret. A dirty office can negatively affect the health and lives of your employees and their families. It also does not create a work environment which inspires productivity and a strong work ethic. If employees do not feel properly taken care of and respected by their employers, they will surely not do their best work. In order to keep your employees healthy and productive, consider utilizing the expertise of a professional office cleaning service on these problem areas.

The Bathroom

When asked what they consider to be the most germ-laden spot in any building, most people will automatically tell you that it is the bathroom. It is hard to argue with this, considering the bathroom is where you can pick up a whole host of illness causing germs. These include E Coli, fecal bacteria, salmonella, staphylococcus, and hepatitis. These can not only be picked up from the toilet seat either. Everything people touch in a public restroom is a possible threat, which makes utilizing a professional office cleaning service incredibly important.  

The Elevator

Elevators may not seem like they would be particularly dirty, but think about it. Elevators are small spaces, which are often not incredibly ventilated, and can often be full of innumerable people each and every day. These people track in dirt, germs, and debris from outside over and over again. Hundreds of people may touch elevator buttons daily, depending on how highly trafficked an area is, which leads to some of them averaging over 3,500 bacteria/sq. inch. This is more bacteria than you will find on your bathroom sink. This is only one of the surprisingly germ-infested parts of any building which could greatly benefit from the expert touch of a professional cleaning service regularly.  

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