World Health Day: Cleaning for Your Health

Every year, April 7th is World Health Day. That’s today! In honor of the event, put on by the World Health Organization (WHO), we’d like to take a blog post to speak a little bit about the importance of cleaning for your health. Commercial cleaning isn’t just making an office or retail space look good. It’s equally important, if not more important, to clean for the sake of health, to keep your business up and running rather than sick in bed. Here are some ways we’re cleaning for your health.

Preventing Cold Outbreaks

Cold season is pretty much over by now (although don’t think one can’t sneak up on you), but we’re right on the cusp of full-blown allergy season. Whatever the reason, whenever there’s a bunch of coughing and sneezing going on, cleaning for your health is mission critical. Disinfecting frequently touched shared surfaces like door handles (including the refrigerator, microwave, and, well, all the handles you can find) eliminates a large percentage of germ transfer between touches. (P.S. Please wash your hands after you sneeze, cough, or blow your nose. This isn’t a matter of cleaning for your health; it’s just good hygiene.)

Cleaning Public Restrooms

Whether it’s a day porter or a dedicated office cleaning, public restrooms are one of the most crucial areas to hit during commercial cleaning. There are a plethora of germs in public restrooms, and it’s our job to search and destroy. Even surfaces that you don’t touch (like floors) should be thoroughly cleaned. The floors of public restrooms are home to an estimated 230 different microbial species, which can be tracked throughout your office and into employees’/customers’ homes, where they’ll find a new home on carpets and floors where they may wreak havoc. From toilet/urinal areas to sinks to floors to lingering odors, we make sure that your bathrooms are spot-, odor- and germ-free after we’re through with them.

In honor of World Health Day, start thinking about whether your commercial space could stand a good cleaning. If the answer is yes (which it should be), give us a call to get started!


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