Raised Access Flooring

Tips for Cleaning a Raised Floor

When cleaning a raised floor, you need to be mindful of every area that needs cleaning. One of the reasons you need to clean a raised floor is to ensure that the wiring underneath does not accumulate dust over a long period. Here are some tips for cleaning a raised floor.

Keep Your Structure Clean

Cleaning a raised floor is difficult, but a necessary task to make sure your critical environment is well maintained. Our team at Foreman Pro Cleaning knows the best ways to keep raised floors clean and free of dust or debris. Start by assessing the structure—do a daily visual inspection to check for scratches, scuff marks, or missing parts to the raised floor. Managers should conduct a visual inspection daily, but you should also schedule an annual inspection with a specialist who can check operating systems under raised floors to make sure they’re running smoothly.

Rotate Your Panels

When inspecting raised floors, rotate your panels from areas that receive the most foot traffic. Rotating panels helps prevent the flooring from becoming damaged as quickly. Have your team turn these panels twice a year or more frequently, depending on foot traffic in these areas.

Check the Grid System

You need to check the grid system at least twice a year, but this will also depend on how much foot traffic the area receives. If there’s a lot of foot traffic, make sure to adjust the grid setup to avoid any potential problems with the structure.

Check the Surrounding Environment

Routine maintenance needs to occur daily. Doing light maintenance will have your floors looking spectacular, and this will also decrease the chance of the floors being damaged. One thing you should do every day is vacuum or dust around the area. When using a vacuum cleaner, make sure the vacuum has a static dissipating rod attachment.

Mop Your Area

When mopping, make sure that the mop is not saturated and use a mild detergent. Don’t use any solvents or other stain removers on the floor, as they can quickly cause damage. If there are stains, make sure to use a damp cloth with mild detergent and spot clean them. For quality raised floor cleaning services, reach out to Foreman Pro Cleaning, LLC for a cleaning once or twice a year. We hit every spot with accuracy.

Keep the Floor Looking Nice

Another one of our tips for cleaning a raised floor is to keep the floor looking nice. When cleaning the floors, don’t use any wax, as it can stain and easily damage the panels. Something else to consider is using some form of rug or carpeting to help protect the panels underneath raised floors from heavy foot traffic. And, if you use entrance rugs or carpeting, the area will be easier to clean.

For proper raised floor cleaning, contact the office nearest to you in Annapolis, MD, Yorktown, VA, or Washington D.C. We will inspect every spot of your raised floor to ensure that it receives the appropriate cleaning methods.