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Valuing a Clean Fitness Center After the Resolution Rush

Hi there, fitness center owner or employee! Has your absurd New Year’s Resolution traffic finally started to die down so you can breathe again? Now that you have a second to think, think about having a professional cleaning service come in and turn your zoo back into a clean fitness center. It’s important to keep a clean fitness center year round, but the post-resolution period is a great time to refresh your gym for your regulars.

Does Your Fitness Center Really Need a Professional Cleaning?

Not only are many fitness centers very high-traffic areas, they’re also not the receivers of the cleanest touches. Each person that walks through your door is someone who will contribute sweat and stink to your fitness center, and those disinfecting wipes can only go so far, even if everyone did use them properly. Diligence and consistency are key in maintaining a clean fitness center, for the health and safety of employees and visitors. Sending employees through with sanitizing sprays and deodorizers is a good first step, but to really ensure a thoroughly clean fitness center, it’s a good idea to bring in the professionals.

The Value of a Clean Fitness Center

Fitness centers are all about health, right? While people are at your fitness center to work on their cardio and strength health, they shouldn’t have to trade off their wellness. Fitness centers have one of the highest touch points of many public places, so disinfecting often and well is critical to keep gym goers from getting sick. As much as you don’t want your visitors to get sick at your facility, you also don’t want them to walk in and be greeted with a wall of sweat odor. Luckily we specialize in that too, and will work on odor remediation throughout the gym.

One of the top selling points of a fitness center is its cleanliness. Now that the high-traffic post-New-Year’s wave is starting to dissipate, call in a professional cleaning service to turn your gym back into a sparkling clean fitness center.


Foreman Pro Cleaning provides Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC, and surrounding areas with professional commercial cleaning services they can trust. With 25 years of professional experience, the Foreman family created this family owned and operated business to provide you with commercial cleaning services that are sure to exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of having a clean and healthy work space, which is why our staff is trained to provide services that are meticulous and pristine.

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